Tragic accident in Amelia county

Amelia County (Old Virginia News)

Yesterday afternoon the peaceful corner at Chula Junction, was shaken by a tragic automobile accident. One woman is dead and four others are near death.

We arrived at the scene minutes after the accident and from all appearances, a green compact car had run a stop sign, and been broadsided by a SUV. The Compact car was nearly torn in half and the SUV suffered extensive damage to the front end.

First responders had already arrived and began extracting the victims and administrating first aid.

There was a rumor that a baby had been thrown from one of the vehicles, and had not been found. When contacted, the Amelia Sheriff’s office had no comment.

The four survivors were air lifted to the hospital by the Virginia State Police.

Names have not been released yet.


Two people have died in the accident.

22-year-old Heather Morris of Powhatan and 23-year-old Sidney Samuel of Powhatan who were in the Green Compact are dead.

The three people in the SUV, including a 12-year-old girl, were taken to VCU Medical Center. They are expected to live.

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